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AWWWHHHH! This Yin yoga class is part of the Victoria Yoga Conference (Feb. 15 – 18, 2019) and is for everyone who wants to chill out and have their hearts expanded with must and lovely stories that uplift while creating joy and happiness!

Please join Chastity Davis and Dr.Tanya Gee as they delight you for a 90 min chill out Yin Yoga class with heart expanding stories that make you go “Awwwhhhhhh!!” Chastity and Tanya have collaborated their hearts and souls to offer you this lovely experience that they intend for you to thoroughly enjoy.

Chastity will be guiding each of you into a blissful state of Yin Yoga.  Then Dr.Tanya and Chastity will delight you with personal and mythical stories designed to expand your heart chakra.

Participants Need:
Yoga Mat, Bolster if you have one or rolled up blanket, cookies and milk or milk substitute for post savasana.

Click here to register for the conference.