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As part of the Victoria Yoga Conference, Tanya will share what she has kept private for over 20 years. Stories of her unfolding spiritual path, her serendipitous experiences, the auspicious teachers that supported her personal growth and the wonderful magic of Mother Nature.

Her journey took her to the Esoteric Buddhist Temples, the private and prestigious Caribbean island of Mustique, the British Isle of Jersey and the humid jungles of Peru. These sacred places introduced Tanya to the teachers that have shaped her spiritual life. Come share her joy, her love and her knowledge and wisdom.

This class offers an experience of mindfulness meditation, storytelling, and fantastic natural health advice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We will also explore Tanya’s top 3 medicinal plant herbals to optimize your blood, life force and immunity.

Participants Need:
Participants may take notes and also pictures of certain slides.

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