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Still Water… Where the Lotus Blooms

March 6th 2016

3:30pm to 6pm at Unity of Vancouver

It’s time to share, what I have kept private for 20 years…stories of my unfolding spiritual path, my serendipitous experiences that supported my personal growth and the wonderful world of plant medicines… I look forward to seeing you …
With love and gratitude.
Tanya xooxoxo
STILL WATER, where the LOTUS BLOOMS is an afternoon of mindfulness practice, storytelling, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the scents of nature.
Join Dr.Tanya Gee, international speaker and educator, as she shares her wisdom and gems of knowledge amassed from 20 years of private practice as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and her very personal spiritual journey.
You’ll be delighted by heartfelt stories of her journey that took her to the jungles of Malaysia, the island of Jersey, the sacred waters of Mount Shasta, and the sanctuary within her heart.
Dr. Gee will be sharing natural health advice, laughter, and recipes for love and happiness.
You will also explore the medicinal and magical scents of nature that have followed Dr. Gee around the world, and how you may humbly access the power of the plant medicines.