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Sharon Sayler, your host for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio welcomes Dr. Tanya once again. In this episode, she shares why a good laugh and a good cry are good medicine and how the laws of nature apply to healing the human body. We explore the body, mind, emotion, and spirit connection as an integrated whole, rather that disconnected parts to be treated separately.

Dr. Tanya shares with us:
• How the mind/body/emotional/spirit connection affects your health,
• Ways to be aware of how you are ‘being’ in this world, and how quickly the ‘Peace Pause’ brings your nervous system into a place of calm,
• A powerful ‘Release from Self Anguish’ exercise and letting go to only love,
• Easy ways to cultivate states of love and gratitude, the basis for healing.

Plus, so much more in this information-packed chat….

Take a moment out of your day and click the link to listen to this podcast:  Three Cosmic Tools to Break a Cycle of Suffering, available on BlogTalkRadio.