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An Invitation to Heal

Each visit is tailor made for you according to how you present in the moment.

We are constantly changing and evolving, and so do your treatments.

Acupuncture is my main healing modality that has the power to swiftly create energetic harmony that ignites your own innate natural healing.

Herbs are a part of Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet. Herbal medicine has thousands of years of use and continues to prove effective. Natural medicines deserve our deepest respect.

The Tao is the philosophical foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The principals of the Tao is balance and harmony. We seek to learn how to live with these principals and be a living and loving example. The knowledge and teachings may be learned through the simple wisdom of the Tao.

If you seek knowledge, it will be revealed.

I wholehearted believe that everything contains life force energy. I also believe that essential oils and herbal medicine contain the spirit of the plant that it originates from.

It just makes dearest sense to show respect and deeply value these medicines. They are truly Gifts from the Earth.

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