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Dr. Tanya Gee in the Media

PODCAST: 3 Cosmic Tools to Break a Cycle of Suffering

Sharon Sayler, your host for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio welcomes Dr. Tanya once again. In this episode, she shares why a good laugh and a good cry are good medicine and how the laws of nature apply to healing the human body. We explore the body,...

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PODCAST: What is TCM and can it help with autoimmune?

The Autoimmune Hour host, Sharon Sayler welcomes Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tanya Gee. Dr. Tanya will share with us the history to TCM and why its roots are based on a deep understanding of the laws and patterns of nature and how that applies to the human...

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VIDEO: “Living For Love” Interview on #CLBLive.tv

“Love is who we are.” Join Dr. Tanya and Christine L. Bowen, both #AmbassadorsOfLove, for an insightful discussion about love during chaotic times, and how living from your heart-centre, where compassion and love are aligned, is the only way to cure...

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