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Events Featuring Dr. Tanya Gee

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Still Water: Where the Lotus Blooms – Feb. 17, 2019 8am

As part of the Victoria Yoga Conference, Tanya will share what she has kept private for over 20 years. Stories of her unfolding spiritual path, her serendipitous experiences, the auspicious teachers that supported her personal growth and the wonderful magic of Mother...

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Yin Yoga and Storytelling – Feb. 15, 2019 7pm

AWWWHHHH! This Yin yoga class is part of the Victoria Yoga Conference (Feb. 15 – 18, 2019) and is for everyone who wants to chill out and have their hearts expanded with must and lovely stories that uplift while creating joy and happiness! Please join Chastity...

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Toronto – August 19, 2018

Yin Yoga, The 5 Elements and Plant Medicine Join Dr.Tanya Gee and Lisa Chau Let us introduce you to a blended cultural experience where you will learn about the intricacies of the 5 ELEMENTS according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakra Philosophy, Plant...

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Toronto – August 18, 2018

SACRED OIL ANOINTING – Activating oils for Spiritual Work Would you describe yourself as intuitive, nurturing, feeling and sensing? Does the idea that plants have spirit appeal to you? Are you yearning to learn a new way to work with essential oils as spiritual...

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France – April 2017

Another incredible trip to France brought Dr. Tanya to Lyon.  She spoke about Women’s Health, Essential Oils and Balancing the Mind, Body and...

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Root Festival in Victoria – April 2017

The Root Festival in Victoria is a rich, experiential three day event that weaves together a deeper connection to self, nature and community. Wisdom keepers, like Dr. Tanya, hosted a series of walks, talks and experiences on the grounds of Goward house giving the...

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Still Water… Where the Lotus Blooms – March 2016

Still Water… Where the Lotus Blooms March 6th 2016 3:30pm to 6pm at Unity of Vancouver It’s time to share, what I have kept private for 20 years…stories of my unfolding spiritual path, my serendipitous experiences that supported my personal growth...

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France – February 2016

Dr. Tanya had an opportunity to join her friends in Lyon, France in a workshop about the benefits of essential oils for optimal health, seasonal nutrition, mindfulness, your spiritual path and finding that which you do not...

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