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About Dr. Tanya Gee

Dr. Tanya Gee inspires her patients to seek health and wellness through the holistic practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As a graduate of the international College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC, she completed her post-graduate studies and clinical practice in Hefei and Shanghai, China. Tanya holds the highest rank of her profession in the Province of British Columbia as a Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When first starting her studies in Chinese Medicine, Tanya hoped to treat muscular skeletal pain and discomfort, but quickly realized that the body is more complex than she thought! She became fascinated with the mind/body connection and how your ‘being’ in this world ultimately affects all that we are. This led Tanya to her passion for assisting patients to understand how their mind and body are connected and that in order to heal the body we must heal the mind. Tanya’s quest for knowledge and experience led her to many studies beyond TCM.

In her earlier years she studied Pranic Healing with Janet Mierau and Reiki with Judy Law. These alternatives healing modalities taught her about the chakra energy system and how they are interrelated with TCM. She also studied Phytobiophysics with Dame Diana Mossop. This path in turn led her to study Esoteric Acupuncture with Dr. Mikio Sankey, who taught Dr. Tanya Gee about sacred geometry and the body’s many auric fields. During this time, a deep respect for, and interest in, Buddhism opened her eyes to the value of compassion, kindness and meditation.

In June 2007 Tanya met Juan, a Peruvian Shaman originally from Cuzco, Peru. Tanya’s work with Juan has left her feeling greatly humbled.

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