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Toronto – August 19, 2018

Yin Yoga, The 5 Elements and Plant Medicine

Join Dr.Tanya Gee and Lisa Chau

Let us introduce you to a blended cultural experience where you will learn about the intricacies of the 5 ELEMENTS according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakra Philosophy, Plant Medicines, etc.

~ 5 Elements
~ 5 Emotions
~ 5 Energy Meridians/ and Acupuncture points
~ 5 Chakras
~ 5 Aromatic Plant Medicines
~ 5 Yin Yoga Asanas

The first part of the workshop will be scholastic where Dr.Tanya will present the theories of each of the listed contents.

The second part will be experiential where we will sacredly anoint the aromatic plant medicines on acupuncture points and chakras, that correspond with the energy meridians. Lisa will then lead you into the Yin Yoga asanas while guiding you to be aware of the emotions, memories or thoughts that may become activated by the subtle and gentle effects of this inner work.

This beautiful practice brings us deeply in sync with the terrains and rhythm of our hearts.

TIME:  August 19th from 3pm – 7pm

LOCATION:  Mula Yoga, 80 Mitchell Avenue

COST: $49 early bird til August 5th / $59 thereafter.  To register please email lisa@vibrantacu.com

Toronto – August 18, 2018

SACRED OIL ANOINTING – Activating oils for Spiritual Work

Would you describe yourself as intuitive, nurturing, feeling and sensing?
Does the idea that plants have spirit appeal to you?
Are you yearning to learn a new way to work with essential oils as spiritual tools?
Are you open to new ideas of self care?

This class is for you!


1. Creating intention and Opening the Circle
2. Choosing your Oil Spirits
3. Purification
4. Offerings and Blessings
5. Prayer
6. Anointing Ritual and Meditative journey
7. Sharing, Gratitude and Closing Circle

TIME: Saturday August 18th from 7pm – 9pm

LOCATION: To be shared at time of registration.  To register for this event, please email lisa@vibrantacu.com.

COST: $25 Cash.  Also includes surprise gift!